Want to Know 
The Source Of Your 
Personal Founder Stress ?

It may not be What You Think. 

Want To Know The Source
Of Your 
Personal Founder Stress?

It May Not Be What You Think. 

Let's talk about stress...

Everyone has it....

So what's the big deal. You have it. I have it. Who doesn't have it?

And as a Founder, you wear so many hats.

Let's talk about stress...

Everyone has it....

So what's the big deal. You have it. I have it. Who doesn't have it?

And as a founder, you wear so many hats.

You know you have more stress than pretty much everyone else, and you are pretty sure you know how to deal with it.  
So what’s the big deal about stress? 
Well… here’s the deal. Most Founders don’t realize that there’s a huge HIDDEN cost of stress. 

And this hidden stress takes a significant toll on your business, organization and life without you even seeing it. 

Look, the hidden cost of stress is like having a tire with a slow leak in it. You’re moving forward, but it’s unexpectedly harder than you thought it would be. 

And you don’t know why. In fact, you don’t realize that that something is slowly working against you. 

So you try harder. And work harder. But it doesn’t quite fix the problem, and you keep grinding along thinking it’s normal. 

Are you working harder and harder, but not getting as far ahead as you should? 

Could stress be taking a hidden toll on you and your success? 

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. 
 Most Founders don’t realize that there’s a huge HIDDEN cost of stress.
My Co-Founder and I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of Founders, and we’ve found that one of the most overlooked barriers to success IS stress. 

And once we help you reframe how you think about stress and what drives it, you get more clear and have more impact.

You CAN convert your stress into scaleup success. 
That’s why we created Stress-Free Founder
It’s for Founders, like you, who need to be at your peak performance day in and day out, but are losing traction, energy and focus to stress. 

Stress-Free Founder is a 7 day MasterClass where you’ll learn how to identify your personal stress triggers, both visible and invisible. 

Now I know you could be thinking, “Stress, really? I know what causes my stress and I know how to deal with it. All I need to do is work on my diet, exercise more, and maybe start yoga or meditation.”  
But here's the truth about stress:
Diet, exercise, yoga, are tools to help you manage your stress.

They don’t address what’s causing your stress. 

Like a toxic employee who’s dragging their co-workers down. Or dealing with a project that’s blown past deadline. 

And diet and exercise aren’t going to help you juggle competing priorities or unreasonable clients and deadlines. 

And the minute things get crazy, and you run out of hours in the day, the first thing that goes out the door is your diet, exercise and yoga class. 
 Suddenly you’re back at your desk, hunched over your computer, feeling guilty that you’re missing commitments and rationalizing that it will be worth it one day
You are the Founder. Your business performs only as well as you do. Your leadership is very important. 

So matter how smart you are, your decision making process isn’t going to be in tiptop shape if YOU are racked with guilt, eating junk food until late in the night, and feeling overworked and anxious. 
Stress can cost you and your business. 
Look, not too long ago, I was just like you. 

When my Co-Founder and I launched our startup we almost missed our first loan payment after spending every dime of our loan on an expensive marketing company. 

We struggled with trying to get enough customers to keep the business going. 

Then something really bad happened: A BIG contract with NASCAR fell through.

That meant I couldn't get out from under this crushing loan debt and get some relief from the stress that was causing friction with my wife, creating intense headaches and back spasms, and reducing my effectiveness in capturing new clients. 

As I got more and more frustrated...
Stress started to take a toll on me.
First, I tried getting in shape with a gym membership and following a big fitness gurus workout plan. 

That didn't work. 

Then I tried the South Beach diet, but that only lasted a few weeks…and even starting a diet was actually stressful.

Then I tried all sorts of better sleep tricks like an earlier bedtime, guided meditation, and sleepy time tea. 

They were helpful… but not enough.
And that's when I finally realized... 
I wasn’t addressing the source of my stress.

I needed to know what the hidden, personal drivers of my stress were. 

I started to zero on areas below the surface, and started to realize that cash flow and clients were NOT the causes. 

There were OTHER underlying stress factors that were sapping me of focus, energy and clarity. 

Through the process I was able to:
  • Recognize when my stress behavior was blocking our sales success with clients
  • Build a team that makes me ME feel great AND grow the business
  • Avoid specific stress-triggering situations that derail critical projects key to growth
We call this method MyStressFreeFormula.

ready to take control of your stress 
and unlock your full potential?

Click the button below and select a time for a 1-1 chat to identify your stressors and craft a plan to move forward.
"With the invaluable guidance of Todd 
I have discovered 
the pain points 
that caused my stress
His formula has helped me 
really 'open my eyes' and successfully take actions
 that have improved my mental and physical health 
and also my leadership skills.”
Elias Valcarcel, 
Co-Founder & CEO
Neural Labs

Introducing MyStressFreeFormula

7 day MasterClass where you’ll learn how to identify stress triggers, both visible and invisible. 
Identify Hidden Stressors
Determine the hidden drivers of your stress so you can sharpen your focus on the priorities for success.
Breeze through Projects
You'll decode how details and schedules cause you stress so you can breeze through projects and product launches with ease.
Discover Who is causing Stress
People are huge drivers of stress. Once you discover who causes stress you can hire who YOU need to be at your best.
Focus More on what energizes you
Decipher why specific activities cause you stress so you can do what energizes you without sacrificing success.

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But don't just take my word for it:

  • Nearly 500 Founders have benefited from MyStressFreeFormula
  • One Founder of a top 50 marketing company said this method solved his conflict with his Co-Founder
  • Another fast-growth Founder attributes this method to helping her overcome stress and trusting others so she could delegate more
  • ​The Founder of a tech company realized hiring the wrong people kept her in constant stress. Our method helped her see who she needed for her team.

Join the Stress-Free Founder MasterClass

  • 1 Hour A Day for 7 Days... LIVE
  • ​Small Group of no more than 7 like-minded Founders
  • ​MyStressFreeFormula personalized report detailing the personal formula you need to quickly get stress relief
  • ​Private Slack Group
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Stress-Free Founder Launching In:

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

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After serving as a decorated U.S. Army Intelligence Officer and successful Vice President of a global organizational development company, Todd liquidated his retirement funds to become an entrepreneur.

Since then he has coached over two thousand leaders and Founders in organizations like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Macy’s, Fifth Third Bank, Ball Aerospace, Miami University, United Federal Credit Union, The United States Air Force and many startups throughout the United States.

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As an expert in entrepreneurship and leadership, Todd earned his BA in Communication Arts from Hofstra University in New York and his MS in Organizational Leadership from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati. He speaks on the topics of Founder stress relief, Founder leadership, and Founder influence.
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